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Publicis Sapient Launches Unified Audience Accelerator for Salesforce Data Cloud and AWS Clean Rooms available now on the AWS Marketplace

Publicis Sapient, a top ten global Salesforce partner and AWS Premier Partner, today announced the launch of its Unified Audience Accelerator (PS360) for Salesforce Data Cloud and AWS Clean Rooms. This innovative solution is now available on AWS Marketplace, offering businesses a powerful tool to unlock the full potential of their customer data while maintaining strict privacy compliance.

The Unified Audience Accelerator empowers organizations to seamlessly leverage data held in Salesforce Data Cloud within AWS Clean Rooms, enabling secure collaboration with partners without sharing underlying data. This solution is particularly timely as businesses navigate the challenges of a cookieless landscape, seeking ways to enhance data insights, improve return on ad spend, and optimize performance measurement.

"In today's data-driven world, marketers face the dual challenge of leveraging fragmented customer data while respecting increasingly stringent privacy constraints," said Ray Velez, CTO, Customer Data Solutions at Publicis Sapient. "Our Unified Audience Accelerator addresses these pain points, allowing businesses to gain rich audience insights and unlock revenue opportunities using first-, second-, and third-party data in a secure, compliant environment."

Key features of the Unified Audience Accelerator P360 include:

- Enhanced Unified Customer Insights: Combines Salesforce Data Cloud's first-party data capabilities with AWS Clean Rooms' ability to enrich data from multiple sources.

- Data-Driven Decision Making: Enables informed decisions based on enriched customer data in a secure, governed environment.

- Targeted Advertising & Accurate Attribution: Leverages Salesforce CRM data for precise customer targeting and campaign effectiveness measurement.

The solution is ideal for businesses already using AWS, Salesforce, or both, and is particularly suited for CMOs and CDOs looking to deliver meaningful, measurable user experiences while prioritizing data privacy.

As a recognized implementation ready Zero Copy Network Partner, Publicis Sapient's strong partnerships with Salesforce and AWS unlock additional funding opportunities for businesses adopting this solution.

"The Unified Audience Accelerator represents a significant step forward in helping our clients navigate the complexities of data-driven marketing in a privacy-first world," added Velez. "By combining upper-to-mid-funnel marketing objectives with mid-to-lower-funnel customer engagement, we're enabling businesses to generate collective insights across various data types within a privacy-enhanced, compliant environment."

Businesses interested in learning more about the Unified Audience Accelerator can participate in an outcome-driven discovery workshop, either virtually or in person, to align their Salesforce and AWS strategy with their business objectives.

For more information about Publicis Sapient's Unified Audience Accelerator, please visit

Amazon Marketplace - Unified Audience Accelerator

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