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Generative AI: Using artificial intelligence to make human impact.Learn how

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Publicis Sapient and AWS Gen AI Fast Track

With Amazon Bedrock and Amazon CodeWhisperer as your foundation, Publicis Sapient empowers your organization to seamlessly integrate generative AI into your business. Together, we shape a future where innovation thrives, value creation is ingrained, and growth is continually sustainable.

We bring our experienced professionals to give you clarity and a path forward in an increasingly complex and crowded eco-system. With Gen AI becoming the ‘answer’ for everything, we help you comprehend its uses and where value will reside for your business.

Our Gen AI Fast Track is perfect for business and technology leaders looking at accelerating value creation through Gen AI. The Fast Track enables you to be immersed in Gen AI.

You will learn about: AWS’ Gen AI products and services; responsible AI and AI governance; your AI readiness, covering areas such as data access and useability. We will work with you to prioritize Gen AI use cases and take one into our rapid prototype stage, where we will use our SPEED framework and our accelerators to demonstrate value fast.

Your organization will have hundreds of Gen AI use cases, and you will need multiple models that will be better suited to serving specific problems. We want to work together to scale your Gen AI, so we’ll produce a roadmap to get us started together.


Weeks 1-2

Awareness and use case identification

  • Learn about AWS’ Gen AI products
  • Ensure responsible AI and AI governance
  • Conduct an initial AI readiness assessment and produce an AI readiness report
  • Define use cases with our ideation workshop
  • Prioritize use cases and identify one use case for rapid prototyping

Weeks 3-4

Build/Test OpenAI Use Case and Proof of Concept Preparation:

  • Build a use case prototype to showcase value within the timescale defined
  • Demonstrate the prototype and define a path to production
  • Create a plan to take future use cases to MVP
  • Create a roadmap for scaling Gen AI within your organization


Participants will have:

  • An understanding of common Gen AI uses and benefits, AWS approach to responsible AI, their Gen AI products and services
  • An AI readiness action plan that identifies areas to improve
  • Prioritized use cases with clear ROI and success criteria defined
  • Actionable next steps required to implement your Gen AI projects on AWS
  • A use case prototype with a roadmap and MVP defined


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Mohammad Wasim
Mohammad Wasim
Group Vice President, Global AWS Alliance Lead
Nancy Silver
Nancy Silver
Vice President, Business Development AWS Partnership