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How Nissan Leveraged the Migration of a Dynamic Imaging Platform Into Organizational Change and Cost Savings

As car buying has moved primarily online, virtual customer experiences are a necessity. The ability to provide these experiences often involves a variety of technology hosts and platforms that must be orchestrated successfully and efficiently. At Nissan, a platform migration uncovered opportunities for cost savings, greater oversight, and improved customer shopping experiences.

Rakesh Verma
Rakesh Verma

The Imperative for change

With drivers taking to the internet for research and vehicle purchasing, visual vehicle renderings play a crucial role in the customer experience. At Nissan, Mackevision is used to provide dynamic 3D-enabled and immersive vehicle renderings.

Over time, Nissan realized that the legacy software of the rendering tool was not designed for efficiency in the cloud. The OEM was facing challenges with the platform like high costs, scalability, complex management, heavy servers and a lack of metrics and security controls.

Publicis Sapient partnered to successfully migrate the entire media server to AWS, while optimizing the platform. This resulted in significant cost savings and enhanced flexibility within the tool available through successful cloud hosting with AWS.

“Publicis Sapient have been instrumental in the successful expansion of our platform thus far. Their expertise and support have been invaluable as we’ve scaled our business, particularly their RUN services team, who often proactively identify and implement optimization initiatives that have significantly reduced our costs while ensuring our environment remains resilient. Their dedication to our success and deep expertise in AWS make the an invaluable partner and we’re excited to continue working with Publicis Sapient as we pursue our ambitious goals.”
Vivien Yuen
Vivien Yuen, Nissan Motor Corporation, Head of Digital Product & Delivery, NCX – Nissan Customer Experience

The Solution

After the initial migration to AWS, Publicis Sapient proposed changes utilizing AWS' cloud features, ultimately providing the flexibility that met the client’s expectations. The changes were designed to drive organizational efficiency and ease-of-use, while improving customer experience by creating a more fluid and secure platform. Improvements included:  

  • Cloud Migration: improved computing and storage
  • Software Implementation with AWS:
    • AWS CloudFront: faster content delivery and easy caching
    • Web Application Firewall
    • Identity and Access Management (IAM): improved access to AWS resources and security
  • Operational Efficiencies including Autoscaling tool
  • Dashboard Implementation of AWS CloudWatch
  • Business Support


Technical architecture


With the successful migration of Mackevision to AWS, Nissan has effectively reduced cost and improved the tool’s user-experience. The addition of AWS software and cloud resources, in partnership with Publicis Sapient’s consulting expertise, resulted in futureproof data visibility, customer security and improved virtual shopping experiences.

  • 31% cost saved in a first phase of optimization.1
  • 37% cost saved in a second phase of optimization.2

1. Phase One Optimization: Converting from AWS IO1 to GP2
2. Phase Two Optimization: Integration of Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Rakesh Verma
Rakesh Verma
Senior Manager Technology