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Publicis Sapient and AWS

Thinking of going on a composable journey?

If yes, you’ll need a sound strategy

Learn how Composable Commerce on AWS Cloud technology can help advance your business goals of delivering modern customer experiences across all your channels, from commerce to content, search, digital marketing optimization, Gen AI and more.

Building a modern tech stack ensures your business is enabled with best-of-breed technologies to deliver superior customer experiences. However, choosing to go composable may mean adopting a more agile block and tackle approach while leaving traditional monolithic platform thinking behind.

A Few Considerations Before You Begin

This shift in thinking is paramount to helping you address these 5 essential questions:

  • How informed am I about the composable ecosystem?
  • Which best-of-breed solutions are available and fit my business needs?
  • What are my desired customer experiences?
  • Are there AWS accelerators to fast-track deployment and lower costs?
  • What data sources and types are crucial for creating a composable technology stack that enhances a modern customer experience, and how can we integrate them effectively?

Starting Your Composable Journey

Understanding how to select, implement, deploy and manage all the different vendors in the process can seem daunting. We have a proven methodology and process to ensure success, beginning with a Composable Tech Assessment of your business.

Let’s connect for more information on how to engage with us for a Composable Tech Assessment.

Jon Panella
Jon Panella
Group Vice President of Customer Experience Platform Practice
Jeff Oh
Jeff Oh
Strategic Director, Commerce