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Generative AI: Using artificial intelligence to make human impact.Learn how

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AskBodhi: Deploying Generative AI at Scale

Generative AI has been projected to add $7TN to global GDP over the next 10 years. While there has been no shortage of high-impact strategic visions, boardroom discussions, and proofs of concept, few companies have successfully deployed Generative AI solutions at scale to date.

Publicis Sapient’s AskBodhi, hosted on AWS, is our groundbreaking solution to power Generative AI and can let you deploy use cases in a matter of days or weeks from a standing start.

AskBodhi is an end-to-end solution with scalable document and data ingestion, storage, processing, prompt tuning, fine-tuning, programmatic guardrails, and secure API integration leveraging AWS Bedrock and SageMaker. It is a “Glass Box” implementation that can be customized, augmented or adjusted with different tools and technologies. AskBodhi is built on our award-winning Bodhi platform, an AWS-enabled enterprise-ready scalable ecosystem that covers end-to-end workflow from development to production.

It addresses the key challenges organizations face in deploying and scaling Generative AI.

How AskBodhi Is Being Used

  • For a global pharma company, creating personalized marketing content at scale and deploying the first use case within 2 weeks
  • For a North American retailer, re-writing product descriptions to drive increased engagement using existing product details, customer reviews, and brand guidelines and tones to highlight the most important product features
  • For investment advisors, quickly identifying products and services to recommend to customers with a multiple retrieval augmented enterprise search solution

How AskBodhi Can Help You

Contact us to learn more about AskBodhi and how we can support you with:

  • Implementing SaaS-based solution of AskBodhi on AWS or in your environment
  • Generative AI strategy, use case prioritization and operating model
  • Experience design and execution
  • Agile test and learn approach to optimize value capture from Generative AI use cases
Mohammad Wasim
Mohammad Wasim
Group Vice President, Global AWS Alliance Lead
Nancy Silver
Nancy Silver
Vice President, Business Development AWS Partnership