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Press Release

How we Redefine, Inspire, Strengthen and Elevate Women

Publicis Sapient continues its commitment to Gender Diversity and Equity with the launch of RISE a Global approach to Women development that supports the growth and elevation of women both professionally and personally.

RISE stands for Redefine- (redefining the future of our organisation when it comes to gender equity), Inspire (inspiring us all to achieve our potential as we learn and grow at PS), Strengthen-(Strengthening leadership skills) and Elevate-(elevation of women leaders).

Achieving gender equity is something, which requires us to create the right environment in which ALL women can thrive. In order to achieve this we need to prepare and support our women leaders through every stage and level of their career journey at Publicis Sapient taking an intersectional approach (i.e. gender identity, race/ethnicity and/or disability). The RISE program is comprised of three elements for women but also a specific component for our leadership populations receiving coaching and guidance on what it means to be an executive sponsor and an inclusive leader.

  • Sponsorship – this sees several women across our global organisation being intentionally matched with an leadership sponsor as part of an externally designed and managed program in partnership with a leading organisation who specialise in Sponsorship programs for diverse talent to strategically prepare our women for future career opportunities within our organisation.

  • Mentoring – 70% of what we learn about the world of work is acquired through learning “on the job” and mentoring is a great way in which our people can support each other in the setting and realisation of their career goals. Mentoring, via a global technology enabled platform, will provide a seamless mentoring experience to many people at Publicis Sapient including our women. The platform will enable our women to find a suitable mentor, schedule meetings, keep track of progress and spot opportunities for career enhancement.

  • Specific skills development – the third component of the RISE program is the provision of learning & development opportunities for women which specifically speak to the barriers they may encounter in the workplace especially those at the junior to mid-career stages (i.e. less access to mentors, advocates and strategic networks, countering gender stereotypes, working in male dominated role, or combatting limiting beliefs).

RISE is an ongoing multi-year commitment from our business to nurture and develop our women and will be assessed and scaled over time to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of Women within the organization.

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