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Traverse: Product Management for Salesforce

Traverse is a product management model that focuses on strategic alignment, quality, and innovation with agile delivery - enabling our customers to realize impactful business outcomes. In a capacity based pod model that can scale to meet changing needs, this offering is designed to deliver ongoing optimization and innovation on the Salesforce platform.

The structure of the program enables stakeholders to effectively communicate change, priorities, and updates to the business, setting expectations and creating more transparency than ever before.

  • Who it’s for:

    Customers looking to improve the return on their Salesforce investment by fully leveraging the platform’s capabilities that drive business outcomes. Improve platform maturity. Maximize ROI.


    What it is:

    Traverse is a product management model with a focus on maximizing return on investment in Salesforce. This model encapsulates all components of successful product management applied to Salesforce throughout the customer’s journey.

  • Investment:

    This is an annualized model, intended to be ongoing and a long-term partnership with our customers.


    • Prioritized, outcomes driven roadmap

    • Agile cadence to deliver value frequently

    • Consistent team of experts

Don Dew
Don Dew
Head of Salesforce Solutions Consulting

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