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Get Future Ready with Digital Insights and Strategies

Driven by new technologies, evolving consumer expectations and the impacts of COVID-19, the pace of digital transformation has rapidly increased. This huge digital reset will have significant, long-lasting impacts on Australia and its people as the country delivers services on an unprecedented scale while also rebuilding the economy.

Now to Next: Discussions That Bring Together Digital, Design and Data

The Now to Next series is where experts come together to share their expertise, ideas and visions for the future. Follow along to gain unique insights and practical strategies around digital transformation. Transformation that has the power to solve social issues and create a better Australia for individuals, society and the environment.

Episode 3: Let’s Talk About Connecting Public Services

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We explore the evolving relationship between government and citizens, and how technology and personalisation are accelerating the ability for the public sector to connect the services citizens need, at the moments they need them most.

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Episode 2: Let’s Talk About The Power of Data

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We discuss how customer data platforms (CDP) can power the personalised experiences that define successful brands, plus four shifts that have changed the game. Our experts will deepen your understanding of how data can work harder.

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Episode 1: Let’s Talk About The Great Digital Reset

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We explore the opportunities 2020’s digital reset brought to Australians – as consumers, citizens and employees. Speakers are AI expert, Dr Catriona Wallace, Tech Futurist, Shara Evans and Adobe’s Scott Rigby.

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Khedra Cloud
Khedra Cloud
Head of Marketing - Australia