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Shaping a future-ready underwriting experience

In today’s ever-evolving insurance landscape, staying ahead demands more than just adaptability—it requires innovation.

However, the first step toward innovation includes transforming the underwriting process. To do this, insurers must invest in people, processes and technology that put customers, brokers and underwriters at the heart of the journey—powered by data at the core of decision-making.

But with significant challenges hindering the underwriting process, are insurers prepared to redefine their approach?

With projections indicating a future transformation in the insurance sector, now is the time to embrace technology and redefine underwriting processes. Discover the improvements in value, speed and quality that come with better use of data.

Uncover key strategies for embedding data at the core of underwriting. This article will explore:

  • The current challenges of commercial underwriting
  • How to embed data at the core of underwriting
  • The pathway to modernizing underwriting
  • Five key points of leverage across the underwriting journey
  • Examples of data-centric plays in commercial insurance
A pile of paper editions of our new guide, Embedding Data at the Core of Commercial Lines Underwriting.

Revolutionize commercial underwriting

Andrew Tan
Andrew Tan
Principal, Financial Services, UK
Ben Ruddle
Ben Ruddle
Senior Principal, Insurance
Daniel Cole
Daniel Cole
Senior Managing Director, EMEA & APAC

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