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Personalization, Define & Design

Publicis Sapient and Salesforce are working together to support clients on an end-to-end journey to deliver real-time, personalized experiences at scale to maximize time-to-value of unified customer data.

As an expansion of our CDP Virtual Lab, our Personalization, Define & Design offering provides our clients with the steps required to establish how CDP and Salesforce technologies fit into their broader technology ecosystem. Together we will create a use-case driven blueprint to achieve personalization.

  • Who it’s for:

    Clients who aligned on the need for a single source of truth and understanding of key use-cases that need to be enabled. Are committed to leveraging their Salesforce investment to the fullest.

    What it is:

    Define the CDP vision and SSOT roadmap within a client’s broader technology ecosystem. Prioritization of implementation rollout with an eye for optimizing time-to-value.

  • Investment:

    Approx. 6-week duration inclusive of collaborative discovery session workshops, synthesis of findings and recommendation readout.


    • Detailed Use-Cases

    • Current vs Future State Reference Architecture

    • Maturity Plan

  • Our clients benefit from the Power of One, where Publicis Sapient intersects with other Publicis agencies, with Epsilon data underpinning it all. Publicis Sapient is proud to have more than 700 Salesforce specialists worldwide.
Danica Villanueva
Danica Villanueva
Salesforce Partner Marketing & Alliances Director - Publicis Sapient
Stephanie Love
Stephanie Love
Salesforce Partnership & Alliances Director - Publicis Sapient International