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Personalization, Define & Design

Publicis Sapient and Salesforce are working together to support clients on an end-to-end journey to deliver real-time, personalized experiences at scale to maximize time-to-value of unified customer data.

As an expansion of our CDP Virtual Lab, our Personalization, Define & Design offering provides our clients with the steps required to establish how CDP and Salesforce technologies fit into their broader technology ecosystem. Together we will create a use-case driven blueprint to achieve personalization.

  • Who it’s for:

    Clients who aligned on the need for a single source of truth and understanding of key use-cases that need to be enabled. Are committed to leveraging their Salesforce investment to the fullest.

    What it is:

    Define the CDP vision and SSOT roadmap within a client’s broader technology ecosystem. Prioritization of implementation rollout with an eye for optimizing time-to-value.

  • Investment:

    Approx. 6-week duration inclusive of collaborative discovery session workshops, synthesis of findings and recommendation readout.


    • Detailed Use-Cases

    • Current vs Future State Reference Architecture

    • Maturity Plan

Amy Kitscher
Amy Kitscher
MarTech Solutions Director

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