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How Companies Are Achieving Their Sustainability Goals

Publicis Sapient’s new report highlights executives’ green goals

After setting sustainability goals, businesses must now put their plans into action. How do they plan to transition to sustainable practices? To find out, Publicis Sapient and Ipsos asked 254 VPs and C-suite executives about their views on sustainability and the feasibility of their goals at medium and large companies in the United States. We partnered with Microsoft to report on the findings.

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The top sustainability goals companies are aiming to achieve are:

  • Circular chart indicating 83% of respondents prioritize decreasing carbon emissions

    decreasing carbon emissions from the business

    Circular chart indicating 68% of respondent plan to increase the share of renewable energy sources

    increasing the share of renewable energy sources used

    Circular chart indicating 71% of respondents are using more recycled materials to decrease waste

    decreasing waste from production as well as more recycled material

    Circular chart indicating 21% of respondents are participating in carbon project financing

    or just 1 in 5 aim to participate in carbon project financing

Our report shows that executives feel inspired to achieve their sustainability goals. More than 75 percent of respondents cited a sense of social responsibility as a motivator to meet their goals, believing it is the right thing to do. Their top goals included reducing carbon emissions (83 percent of respondents) and waste (71 percent), using more renewables (68 percent) and participating in carbon project financing (21 percent).

The report also suggests that executives recognize the business value of sustainability. Though our respondents represent a variety of industries—agriculture, airlines, energy, manufacturing, midstream, oil and gas, and utilities—they unite on an important point: 96 percent agree that prioritizing sustainability is a good long-term business strategy. For example, nine in 10 respondents from the energy industry acknowledge that maintaining brand reputation is a priority. Sustainability offers a way for companies to meet customers’ needs and maintain brand credibility.

Our sustainability report gives you all you’ll need to know about executives implementing sustainable practices while navigating challenges. Sustainable transformation may come with some uncertainty—but it also empowers organizations to build a better future.

David Ramsey
David Ramsey
Senior Director, Microsoft Practice

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