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Generative AI: Using artificial intelligence to make human impact.Learn how

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Maximizing Value from Generative AI on Google Cloud

How Publicis Sapient's SPEED Capabilities Accelerate Success

Businesses are constantly seeking innovative technologies to stay ahead of the competition and deliver exceptional value to their customers. AI has been used for prediction and enhancing human decision-making for many years. Today, a new class of AI technology – Generative AI - promises to revolutionize every facet of knowledge work and human interactions, with the potential for immense value creation. Generative AI quite literally generates content – images, text, and sound – that looks, reads, and sounds like the content that it was trained on. This new class of technology can revolutionize the way organizations create, innovate, and drive business impact.

Google Cloud offers a robust suite of tools designed to accelerate the deployment of Generative AI solutions, making it easier than ever for businesses to harness the power of AI and machine learning. However, simply having access to powerful tools is not enough to guarantee success. Businesses often face significant challenges in identifying the right set of objectives, unlocking the most valuable use cases, designing user-centric solutions, and iterating on those solutions to create tangible business impact and organizational alignment. This is where Publicis Sapient's unique combination of Strategy, Product, Experience, Engineering, and Data (SPEED) capabilities comes into play, bridging the gap between flashy technical prototypes and real-world business results. Read on for what Generative AI can do for your business, and how you can exploit multidisciplinary SPEED teams, Google Cloud and Generative AI technology to unlock value at the pace your customers and business demand. 

What can generative AI do for your business?

Generative AI has the capacity to make sense of the massive unstructured data outside and within an enterprise, and to perform human level language and creative tasks. To help our clients ideate on implications for their businesses, we suggest thinking about five distinct Superpowers provided by Generative AI: the ability to Automate, Synthesize, Generate, Develop and Assist. Individually, or in combination, these 5 superpowers provide the foundation for all Generative AI value creation.

New opportunities to brew use cases with these superpowers are emerging every day across industries. Business leaders must focus on identifying use cases that drive maximum business and customer value, bring those to market quicky, and continuously optimize and respond in an environment where consumer expectations, competition and technology are changing every single day.

How can generative AI add value across industries?


  • Conversational commerce for human-like interactions with customers

  • Personal shopping assistants

  • Automated creation of online storefronts 

  • Customer Service 

  • Augment social content creation

  • Dynamic supply chain optimization
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Financial services

  • Conversational finance to offer customers better support, personalized advice and decipher policies and jargon

  • Research and knowledge management for advisors and portfolio managers

  • Adapted marketing messages and images to target customer groups

  • Fraud detection and prevention

Travel and hospitality

  • Conversational travel planning tools
  • Demand trend identification

  • Travel merchandising 
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Consumer goods

  • Consumer and product research and design

  • Analysis of retailer data and consumer sentiment across brands and channels

  • Conversational AI chat-based search engines to optimize content for users

  • Customer data analysis to provide tailored recommendations based on past purchases


  • Analysis of unstructured data from multiple sources and conversion into a structured format to provide patient journey insights

  • Automated clinical documentation and summarization to reduce burden on healthcare workers
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  • Personalization in customer interactions to offer relevant products and services and reduce churn

  • Connect AI/ML models used across network planning and operations with large language models (LLMs) to create autonomous networks

  • Improved diagnostics and maintenance

In addition to industry use cases, Generative AI also supercharges search, knowledge synthesis, marketing (content generation, personalization), and IT (code generation), etc. These horizontal capabilities hold tremendous promise for supercharging enterprise productivity. 

Although generative AI has impressive potential across industries, it comes with significant new challenges and risks: the accuracy of generated content, traceability and auditability of results, ethical implications, potential hallucination issues, and costs of scaling use cases – to name a few. Finally, leaders must also ensure compliance with their unique requirements for data privacy, regulation, and security.

Why SPEED matters

With the massive potential afforded by Generative AI, business leaders have justifiable urgency for unlocking value. Today, more than ever, the ability to go from brilliant ideas to scaled value rapidly and responsibly is crucial. In our view, business leaders must establish fully integrated teams comprising 5 key skill-sets: Strategy, Product, Experience, Engineering, and Data/AI (SPEED).

Fully integrated SPEED teams are essential, given the frontier nature of this technology, the opportunities it presents, and the need to move fast. At Publicis Sapient, we organize our talent and crafts around these skills in order to create value faster and more effectively for our clients. With deep specialization represented in our multidisciplinary SPEED teams, we reduce cycle times in the journey from ideas to in-market execution:


Defining and sizing Generative AI Opportunities and Roadmaps

Our Strategy experts help clients identify and prioritize Generative AI opportunities that align with their business objectives. We work closely with clients to identify value pools, the use cases that will unlock those value pools and develop a comprehensive roadmap for implementation, taking into account the unique challenges and requirements of their industry, as well as their current situation and capabilities. Our strategists tame complexity with models, frameworks and benchmarking data to help business leaders make rigorous, informed choices in an often bewildering sea of ideas.


Applying lean product management to building Generative AI Solutions

Our Product experts focus on value delivery – helping our clients and teams make continuous prioritization decisions, driven by accelerating the flow of value – learning through rapid, yet highly disciplined experimentation. Our product experts possess deep expertise in the capabilities and limitations of Generative AI tools, solution alternatives, and collaborate with clients to define product requirements, develop use cases, and design user experiences that create maximum value. 


Creating Engaging and Impactful User Experiences

Our Experience experts are all about creating engaging and impactful user experiences that drive adoption and enhance customer satisfaction. We design intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for Generative AI solutions, ensuring that users can (and more importantly want) to use the solutions. With a technology this novel, the lines that people draw between helpful vs.  intrusive, clairvoyant vs. creepy and delightful vs. terrifying are yet to be etched in societal norms. Our experience experts help clients and teams make design choices anchored in behavioral science, and grounded by ethics. 


Ensuring Scalability, Resilience, Security and Cost Effectiveness

Our Engineering experts ensure that our solutions for clients are not just built, but engineered for quality, scalability, security, and cost-effective continuous evolution.  They apply deep knowledge of the capabilities of underlying infrastructure and platforms, large language models, vector databases, embeddings, and a library of reusable assets and accelerators to improve time to market and lower implementation effort, risk and cost. Generative AI is extremely powerful – yet use cases can be extremely costly to scale. Picking the right model for your application can be tricky. Our engineers balance form, function and cost to make choices that are cost effective and future ready. 

Data & AI

Harnessing the Power of Data to Drive Generative AI

Our Data experts and AI focus on harnessing the power of data to fuel the algorithmic enterprise. We work with clients to audit, collect, and process data from various sources, ensuring that their Generative AI models are trained on high-quality, relevant data sets, that the specific choices of models and algorithms are made with rigor and quantitative analysis, and ensure there is rigor and transparency around the testing and validation of the use cases.

From these descriptions above, every business leader will intuitively understand that these SPEED capabilities are required in order to unlock business value from Generative AI. What is less intuitive is the damping effect that discipline boundaries and organisational silos can have. When these disciplines work separately, the delays, hand-offs and absence of collaboration that can only be performed by high performing teams are significant impediments to the rapid cycle times that are essential to win in a fast-changing landscape. 

Why Google?

Google’s advanced technology enables clients to deliver generative AI-powered experiences that provide value quickly, efficiently, and responsibly. Google has been an AI pioneer for more than two decades, making it useful and available to people and businesses everywhere. 

The enterprise-scale services that Google has built are already compliant with existing regulations such as FedRamp and HIPAA, making it easier for industry segments to build generative AI solutions on these platforms. With Google’s enterprise ML platform, Vertex AI ,industry leading AI capabilities are fully integrated into Google’s Cloud services and products. Google Cloud also offers additional advantages for adopting generative AI:  

  •  Virtual Private Cloud containerization for democratization and security (Your data is your data – Google never utilizes client data to train it’s LLMs and clients have full control over enterprsie data access)
  • Out of the box and custom ML modelling capabilities for enterprise at all stages of the GenAI journey
  • MLOps platform with data scientist/developer workflows for scalability and agility
  • Cost-efficient AI infrastructure
  • Data augmentation with native data set integration
  • Enterprise Model garden for access to hundreds of ML Models (open source LLMs)
  • Foundational LLM fine tuning with client specific data

As a longstanding, trusted-tester partner to Google, Publicis Sapient gains early access to pre-release products and services and makes them available to our clients so they get ahead of the market. Our people bring a deep understanding of Generative AI on the Google platform. We go beyond the table stakes of training our engineers, to having all our SPEED talent, across Strategy, Product, Experience, Engineering and Data understand the unique value and optimal approaches to implementing with Google Cloud technologies.

Getting Started

HOW matters. The right approach and capabilities separate random acts of digital from a reliable and predictable path to value. Our approach moves fluidly from value identification to testing, learning and scaling with confidence:

Line chart displaying our approach from perspective of customer lens, business lens and capability lens across Ignite & Hunt, Shape & Incubate, Build & Scale, and Sustain.

We ground all our solutions through a robust governance framework, with specific implementation pattens for the Google Cloud:

Bar chart displaying how we ground our AI solutions through a robust framework, including Accountability, Security, Transparency & Auditability.

Generate your advantage

Generative AI is changing the world as we know it and businesses that unlock value from stand to win. 

Our partnership with Google allows us to bring clients the leading edge digital solutions. This, combined with our strategy, design and build expertise, enables PS clients quickly scale generative AI capabilities. We can show you how. Join us for a workshop—either online or in-person—to explore the power of Generative AI on Google Cloud.

Jose Ochoa
Jose Ochoa
Senior Director, Cloud & Data Strategy