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Generative AI: Using artificial intelligence to make human impact.Learn how

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Generative AI Quickstart with Microsoft Azure Open AI

Publicis Sapient’s Azure OpenAI quickstart workshop is an accelerated 4-week engagement that combines our industry-leading digital business transformation strategy with Azure OpenAI’s cutting-edge AI technologies to ideate high-value use cases for your business. As a strategic global Microsoft Cloud Solution partner, we have access to the latest Azure OpenAI capabilities, including advanced language models which we can apply to your specific business challenges to drive new revenue and/or business automation. During the workshop, our AI experts will guide you through Azure OpenAI’s capabilities, engage with project and business stakeholders to explore use cases, and provide sample demos of Azure OpenAI, including presenting how to apply data governance & privacy and Responsible AI.  We’ll also assess your organization’s readiness for Azure OpenAI and identify a sample use case Proof of Concept (PoC) to build and test in weeks 3-4. With the support of Azure’s cloud infrastructure and Azure OpenAI’s advanced AI capabilities, you’ll be equipped to take your organization’s data-driven decision-making to the next level, enhancing business value and improving customer experiences.

With our experts, we help empower your business to understand and define high value use cases to unlock revenue, enhance customer experiences, intelligent decision-making, and intelligent automation. We will provide actionable insights and recommendations to implement Azure AI solutions in your organization enabling you to make informed decisions on how to allocate resources towards future Azure OpenAI initiatives.


WEEKS 1 – 2

Azure Open AI/ChatGPT Expert Guidance and Use Case Exploration:

  • Learn about Azure OpenAI and next steps
  • Define and explore Azure OpenAI/ChatGPT use cases by business functional areas
  • Understand Responsible AI and AI Governance & Security
  • Conduct an initial assessment of Azure OpenAI readiness
  • Identify sample Azure OpenAI Proof of Concept (PoC)

WEEKS 3 – 4

Build/Test Azure OpenAI Use Case and Proof of Concept Preparation:

  • Build and test sample Azure OpenAI PoC as decided in the timeframe allocated
  • Present MVP Planning and Use Case Roadmap for future planning
  • Conduct Azure OpenAI hands-on session and demo of sample use case


Participants will have:

  • A concrete plan for how Generative AI can be applied to drive value for their business, aligned with strategic business objectives
  • Actionable insights and recommendations to implement Azure OpenAI solutions within your organization
  • Thorough understanding of the potential benefits and impact of Azure OpenAI & ChatGPT
  • Clear understanding of Responsible AI and Azure OpenAI Governance & Security
  • Hands-on, demo experience with Azure OpenAI/ChatGPT
  • MVP Planning and Use Case Roadmap for future planning

Driving Innovation with Azure AI

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John Weston
John Weston
Senior Vice President, Global Microsoft Practice, Publicis Sapient
Terrence Davenport
Terrence Davenport
Director, Technology, Microsoft Practice, Publicis Sapient