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DMP to CDP Migration

With the deprecation of the third party cookie, Publicis Sapient and Salesforce are working together to support clients transition from DMP to CDP. Based on a business customer value exchange framework, the objective is to future-proof customers on the loss of anonymous third party data.

Future-proofing starts with owned first party data. This workshop will identify gaps and solutions needed to enrich second- and third- party data to expand first party data, and to define a single source of truth - aka “Golden Record”. The unified profile then enables customers to activate and engage cross-channel with relevant content and offers.

  • Who it’s for:

    For clients who are currently using Salesforce DMP (Audience Studio/Krux customers) and are preparing for Salesforce Audience Studio (DMP) End of Life.

    What it is:

    Documenting current use of third party data, identifying gaps as regulations are enacted. Mitigating DMP attrition and client CSAT risk. Creating a first party approach, moving to a CDP and real time interaction management strategy.

  • Investment:

    Approx. 6 to 10 week duration dependent upon scope of use-cases in current state. Collaborative sessions with a synthesis of findings and prioritized recommended readout.


    • Understand and Remap/Reconcile existing DMP Use-Cases to technology capability

    • DMP Gap Identification and Closure Program

    • Prioritized Roadmap

  • Our clients benefit from the Power of One, where Publicis Sapient intersects with other Publicis agencies, with Epsilon data underpinning it all. Publicis Sapient is proud to have more than 700 Salesforce specialists worldwide.
Danica Villanueva
Danica Villanueva
Salesforce Partner Marketing & Alliances Director - Publicis Sapient
Stephanie Love
Stephanie Love
Salesforce Partnership & Alliances Director - Publicis Sapient International