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The Customer Banking Report 2024 is now available

The Customer Banking Report 2024 is now available

Evolving Expectations and Experiences of Bank Customers in Australia

 Navigating the future of finance in the changing landscape of banking

As emerging technologies transform the banking landscape, banks are at a crucial juncture: embrace innovation by delivering personalised and consumer-centric offerings or risk obsolescence. Confronted by challenges from both within and beyond their industry, Australian banks are contemplating the future: what significance and function will banks hold in society a decade from now?

Our Customer Banking Report draws on a survey where we spoke to more than 5,000 Australians from all walks of life to gauge their expectations, experiences, and perspectives of the country's banking sector. The findings cover a broad range of topics, from expectations of customers when it comes to personalised services to how customers engage with their bank through traditional branches. The report reveals how AI has emerged as a key enabler as banks deliver personalised services, scam support, financial stress and product offerings.

Mockup of the Customer Banking Report 2024

Australia Customer Banking Report 2024
Diving into emerging trends reshaping the Australian banking industry

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