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Commerce Virtual Lab

Publicis Sapient and Salesforce are working together to support clients on their commerce journey and aid in their understanding of the ever changing landscape and enhance customer experiences. Working alongside our digital experts, our Commerce Virtual Lab will identify areas of improvement to serve as a foundation to create an actionable roadmap and ultimately reach their commerce goals.

We have helped companies realize the benefits of Salesforce’s suite of services, along with growing their revenue, strengthening customer retention, lowering bounce rates, and keeping up with heightened expectations from consumers - there is no better time to ensure you are fully capturing your target demographics and turning them into lifelong brand loyalists.

  • Who it’s for:

    Organizations looking to digitally transform, boost conversions, improve their customer’s experience, and formulate a roadmap to reach their goals.

    What it is:

    Facilitated virtual workshop to help organize the business justification, key use-cases and most immediate next steps to getting started and demonstrating near-term value.

  • Investment:

    Approx. 4-hour client workshop and

    <2-week turnaround on readout.


    • Advisement from Commerce Industry Leaders

    • Roadmap Formulation

    • Steps to Reach Digital Goals

  • Our clients benefit from the Power of One, where Publicis Sapient intersects with other Publicis agencies, with Epsilon data underpinning it all. Publicis Sapient is proud to have more than 700 Salesforce specialists worldwide.
Danica Villanueva
Danica Villanueva
Salesforce Partner Marketing & Alliances Director - Publicis Sapient
Stephanie Love
Stephanie Love
Salesforce Partnership & Alliances Director - Publicis Sapient International

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