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Fresh Insights on Changing Consumer Digital Behaviors, Country to Country

As the world continues to accelerate its pace toward a digital future, how will ongoing global trends define the way people interact with brands – both in their expectations today as well as what they will expect in the future? How can companies not only remain relevant and competitive but be proactive and flexible in responding to shifting market needs both locally and globally?

Our recent study on the changing behavior of approximately 3,000 consumers continues to shed new light. This includes how people are continuing to adapt to new lifestyles, try new things, create new habits and embrace digital in ways they never have before.

Research from The Digital Life Index includes unique country-by-country compare and contrast opportunities across the Shopping, Travel, Dining and Health industries. Here, we share a snapshot of key country-specific insights for your business to consider as you adjust to new customer expectations on a global scale.


Those in the UK are more experienced online grocery shoppers compared to other regions in the study, however, respondents from Singapore are more likely to report that they will use online grocery more in the future (59%), and Canada reports the largest crop of new users (65%).


Use of telemedicine is low overall, however, the UK and Singapore are most likely to be at the back of the pack, with only 25% of UK participants and 18% of participants from Singapore reporting ever having used Telemedicine.


In addition, the UK and Singapore lag behind other countries in using telemedicine during COVID-19, with only 13% of those in Singapore and 21% in the UK reporting use during COVID.


A driving factor behind these numbers is that the UK and Singapore reported that one of the barriers for using telemedicine was awareness (24% in UK and 23% Singapore).


Interested in learning how consumer preferences by country affect your strategy? Simply contact us for country level insights and more.


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