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Food & Dining Podcast

The Value and ROI of Digital Signage

Two experts discuss the ins and outs of transformative QSR tech.

When it comes to innovation and optimization, our leading strategist Jackie Walker knows the power of digital menu board technology—from drive-thru to in-venue and beyond. See what you can glean as she discusses cutting-edge developments with Sixteen:Nine’s founding editor Dave Haynes.

In conversation with the fellow digital signage aficionado, Jackie explores what growth impact these strategic solutions can have on brand identity, customer experience and more. Plus, she provides industry insights that will prove useful to anyone who sells to—or works within—the food, dining and delivery industries.

Digital signage solutions—especially those used in the drive-thru lane—were a big reason QSRs were able to not only survive, but thrive, through the COVID-19 health crisis. Now these technologies are here to stay, as menu board advancements yield overwhelmingly positive results for businesses who use them well.

“We are a digital business transformation firm,” Jackie explains in the podcast. “We work with many brands—many QSRs in particular—around how they can use digital to really optimize the way that they are connecting with their customers.” And in food and dining, there’s just no denying the possibilities that signage optimization can unlock.

Digital menu boards allow brands to personalize their messaging in real time to boost customer relations, engagement, loyalty and profit. But, businesses with previous investments in digital technology are clearly at an advantage. As time goes on, more and more companies are recognizing the value, and investing accordingly.

“There does seem to be a pretty big sea change,” Jackie tells Dave, “with regard to the franchisee’s state of mind when it comes to this investment.” And as more QSR operators witness the success of industry giants, it becomes not so much a question of if, but rather how quickly, these transformative solutions will become the norm.

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Jackie Walker
Jackie Walker
Senior Director, CX&I