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Technology & Experience Innovation in the U.S. Auto Industry

The auto industry is at the tipping point for change – a new way forward demands frictionless experiences and more education

Alyssa Altman
Alyssa Altman

U.S. Auto Industry Report

As people’s views on rideshare apps and public transportation evolve, the vehicle’s place in society is changing too. From what cars symbolize to their owners, to how buyer behavior is shaping the future of auto sales, we’re taking a deep dive into today’s automotive industry trends, and forecasting tomorrow’s.

Report highlights

Publicis Sapient’s research dives into three key areas of focus: consumer preferences and the buying journey, consumer interest and knowledge of electric vehicles and consumer perception on the future of automation.

The takeaways

  • 80% of consumers find it important to speak to a car dealer before making a purchase
  • There’s consumer interest around online tools for tracking costs
  • 18- to 34-year-olds are open to sharing driving data for insurance discounts
  • Consumers want EVs from American-made household brands

We hope this report will help you make data-powered business enhancements and build stronger connections between your brand and your drivers. With the right data strategies, automotive organizations can meet customers’ evolving needs and continue to move the industry forward.

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Alyssa Altman
Alyssa Altman
Industry Lead, Transportation and Mobility - North America

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