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Composable Commerce Accelerator

Build flexible commerce capabilities to your exact requirements in order to differentiate your brand and respond to shopper demands quickly and seamlessly.

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Publicis Sapient joins MACH Alliance
of businesses without headless plan to implement it in the next 2 years
digital leaders are 4x more likely to have headless architecture (vs. laggards)

The what and why of composable commerce

If headless is now, composable is next. Because it’s made precisely to your organization’s specifications, with each best-of-breed component operating independently to adapt and flex as needed—without interrupting customer experience.

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Composable commerce offers:

  • Flexibility and control: easily add advanced yet usable tools such as visual merchandizing
  • Operational efficiency with one-touch multichannel content distribution and overall reduced deployment time 
  • Transparent costs and lower total cost of ownership
  • Trusted scale & reliability that allows updates without interrupting the customer experience
  • Seamless personalization and fast, relevant search results that drive conversion and loyalty


Publicis Sapient’s composable commerce accelerator

Publicis Sapient takes a holistic view of your commerce capabilities, from strategy to technology, operations to experience. Our comprehensive team provides a full suite of perspectives and skills from these disciplines as needed (and only as needed).

Our composable architecture is built on RACE (Rapid Accelerator for Commerce Engineering), transforming your commerce offering in just 6–18 weeks by employing pre-built integrations for search and experience management, then expanding to meet additional requirements.

Publicis Sapient has helped dozens of clients move to a services-based ecosystem in an evolutionary approach, enabling businesses to:

  • Quickly prove ROI 
  • Reduce risk thanks to pre-tested load, usability and security 
  • Stay relevant through automatic integration with new MACH providers
  • Drive technical efficiencies with one unified system used by merchants, marketers, developers and architects 
  • Streamline content management
  • Continually upgrade front end, back end, productivity and business performance seamlessly

While customers build brand affinity through:

  • High-performance experiences
  • Personalization across touchpoints
  • Optimized checkout
  • Secure shopping
speed to market

Speed to Market

agile and nimble

Agile and Nimble

MACH Compliant

MACH Compliant

Customer Experience Reimagined

Customer Experience Reimagined

Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

Past results from Publicis Sapient composable commerce implementations include:

increase in page load performance
revenue increase
increase in sales from search
more frequent code deployments
conversion rate increase
Raj Khandelwal
Raj Khandelwal
Director Product Management, Commerce Solutions