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What’s next? That’s the question many banks are asking as they recover post-COVID.

With most banks making only moderate progress over the last 12 months, the pressure is on to double down on digital transformation and drive growth through new products and personalized customer experiences. But just 54% of banks are making significant progress and 61% say that to achieve their goals they need rapid, fundamental change, not incremental improvements.

To find out more, we surveyed more than 1,000 senior bankers from around the world to discover what the leaders in digital transformation are doing differently, and what you need to be doing to accelerate your own transformation.

The Executive Report

We surveyed 1,000 senior banking executives to identify the global leaders in digital transformation. Download the report for the full story.

Deep Dive: The Digitalization of Commercial Banking

To explore the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation in commercial banking, we asked four senior commercial banking execs for their insights. Get the full report to find out what they said.

What’s next for your transformation?