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According to Gartner, 89% of companies compete primarily on CX. In short, a great customer experience is not a ‘nice-to-have', it’s a necessity.

But while 80% of companies think they deliver superior customer experiences, just 8% of customers agree.

So why are they falling short? One reason is that the CX metrics currently used by organizations measure customer experience, but don’t operate as an indicator of future performance. So it’s impossible to tell which investments in CX will be most effective.


That’s why we developed the Customer Experience Growth Index (CXGX)

CXGX measures customer experience rigorously and, through our unique methodology, identifies which investments are most likely to fuel business growth for any business.

In our first report we look at banking in the UK and uncover:

  • Why creating memorable experiences is key to brand growth
  • Which touchpoints create the most positive (or negative) experiences
  • Which UK banks are performing well and why
  • How to improve your overall CXGX score


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Simon James
Simon James
International Lead Data & AI
Magnus Fitchett
Magnus Fitchett
CX & Innovation Lead EMEA & APAC