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Generative AI: Using artificial intelligence to make human impact.Learn how

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Unlocking value through tech and data

To make your business valuable to customers, data is crucial. But data isn’t enough. To help your business grow, you need the tools to make your data readily useful and easily accessible—to everyone in your organization.

For over 30 years, Publicis Sapient has helped established companies implement the technology to connect and refine their data. The right technology makes data more actionable, able to generate new revenue streams and identify transformation opportunities. No matter where you are in your tech and data journey, a continuous focus on value is HOW we help you succeed.

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The challenge

Today’s landscape changes fast. And data can help businesses keep pace. But while most established companies already have a collection of data, the organization simply isn’t built to incorporate it into design. They’re unable to create that self-perpetuating cycle of using data to improve existing products and services, or identify new ones, at the speed of an evolving world.


Tips and insights for building your data & tech capabilities

How well companies manage and use their data—connecting it, refining it to make it more actionable—determines how well they’re able to create new revenue streams and identify and respond to new opportunities. For insights on technology and how to take advantage of your data, take a look at some of our thought pieces.

How Publicis Sapient helps its partners through data & tech

Publicis Sapient is a digital transformation partner that stays focused on creating value. Take a look at some of the ways we’ve helped companies use their data to grow their business.

Data & tech awards

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    HFS Horizons – Data Modernization Service Providers, 2023 – Leader

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