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Finding Your Next


We make time for social impact

We also have a responsibility to partner with our local communities and charitable organizations to create lasting social impact.

Every Publicis Sapient person has the opportunity to take a paid day each year to make a difference. Working side-by-side with project teams, local offices or even on an individual basis, we encourage our people to personally give back to an organization whose purpose is to enable human potential.


Seeking diverse perspectives

We view diversity as a strategic advantage to create success for our clients. To ensure our workforce mirrors our clients’ organization and customers, we have a number of programs to attract and retain the right talent.

Career Returns Program

At Publicis Sapient, we understand that there’s more to life than what’s captured on a résumé. As champions of diversity, we launched our Career Return program, a 12-week paid program for talented professionals looking to refresh their careers and re-enter the workforce. We also offer flexible working arrangements when and wherever possible for our parents coming back to work after parental leave.

Military Fellowship Program

We understand that skills gained in the military are invaluable and also transferable to opportunities at Publicis Sapient. That’s why we provide three month fellowship experiences for military service members transitioning to the civilian workforce. The program is designed for our military fellows to maximize learning, acquire new skills and establish a network outside of the military. Following the fellowship, many of our veterans have moved onto fulltime roles within Publicis Sapient.

Finding your community

By starting with us, you’re joining more than a company — you’re joining a community of people who want to see you thrive. As part of the greater Publicis Groupe network, you have access to a ton of ways to meet colleagues, learn new perspectives and get involved in and outside of the office. Below are some Business Resource Groups (BRGs) to help you find your niche. Some BRGs have been specifically created to support Publicis Sapient employees and others are offered by Publicis Groupe (our parent company) and available to Publicis Sapient employees.

Women’s Leadership Network

The Women’s Leadership Network (WLN) is Publicis Sapient’s global BRG for women and their allies. The WLN’s objectives are two-fold:
— Empower and support Publicis Sapient women by providing relevant career development programs at the local level
— Engage with everyone across the company in global conversations on gender diversity and the value of diverse perspectives

Most offices across the globe have active WLN chapters which offer many programs and events throughout the year, and are open to all employees.

Viva Women!

VivaWomen! is Publicis Groupe’s BRG for women and their allies. The group is dedicated to the cultivation, collaboration and advancement of its members, all while helping to position Publicis Groupe as an employer of choice for women. VivaWomen’s programming is centered around mentorship, leadership, professional development and career navigation.

Viva Women of Color

VivaWomen of Color, a sub-group of VivaWomen!, is Publicis Groupe’s BRG for women of color and their allies. VivaWoman of Color was founded in the US out of necessity to help retain, inspire and engage women of color within the network. The group is dedicated to the cultivation, collaboration and advancement of its members, all while helping to position Publicis Groupe as an employer of choice for women of color.

PRIDE — Potential Realized In Diverse Experiences

Potential Realized in Diverse Experiences, or PRIDE for short, is the BRG for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) and straight ally Publicis Sapient people. Each year the PRIDE group spreads awareness for issues facing the LGBTQ community internally and externally through fundraisers, lunch and learn sessions, offsite events and more.


Égalité is Publicis Sapient’s BRG for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) professionals and their allies across the entire Publicis Groupe network. The group is committed to enhancing the company’s reputation as an employer of choice for LGBT employees and their allies by promoting equality in the workplace, supporting the LGBT community and helping to develop leaders who can elevate our clients’ brands within the hearts and minds of the LGBT community.


HUE is the BRG for Publicis Sapient’s African-American employees and their allies. Hue exists to support the unique issues and challenges facing our African-American team members and to foster a more informed and inclusive global community where African-American employees can live and work authentically. The group focuses on building diverse teams that accurately reflect the brands and communities we serve to enable career advancement, professional development, mentoring, retention and bridging the gap between minorities in the business.

MOCA (Men Of Color Alliance)

MOCA is Publicis Groupe’s BRG for men of color and their allies that adds perspective, guidance and resources to increase the visibility and participation of men of color in the marketing and communications industry. MOCA’s programming is focused around four pillars: recruiting, acclimation, retention and business development.


GenNEXT is Publicis Groupe’s BRG for young professionals and their allies. GenNEXT is dedicated to supporting our next generation of talent by providing guidance, empowerment and specialized resources to young professionals within the Publicis Groupe network.

Caregivers Connect

This BRG is a supportive community for all Publicis Sapient people who care for others such as relatives, spouses, parents, siblings, friends, and kids — some with disabilities and special needs. The mission of Caregivers Connect is to connect people who share similar experiences as caregivers to learn, support and celebrate together.